Home Financing

Home Financing

Financing can be one of the most stressful parts of buying a home. In an effort to streamline the process for you, we have selected a group of trusted, knowledgeable, lenders as well as put together this basic outline to address some common concerns. We have worked with many lenders throughout our years and we have found that finding the right professional who is knowledgeable and honest helps the building process go smoother for you, your sales agent and us. Below you will find some of our preferred lenders. These are tried and true, local professionals that have always gone above and beyond the call of duty for our homeowners.

Getting Started

Most homebuyers choose to start by requesting a mortgage pre-qualification from a lender. The home builder mortgage lender will review basic credit and income information to give you an estimate of the loan amount you will qualify for. Once you choose a home and enter into a purchase contract, you begin the next stage of financing.

Mortgage Options

The home builder mortgage process begins with a full loan application and more detailed credit history. Your mortgage lender will advise you of the specific home builder mortgage rates options available to you so you can decide on the best loan for you.

Homeowner Concerns

All of us have concerns about the process of buying and building a home, especially in today’s market. After all, it’s one of the most significant decisions we will make in our lifetime. You will find that the PCG’s philosophy of “Your Builder for Life” is based on our desire to get you in a home you will love in as seamless a process as possible. To do that, we’ve addressed some of the most common concerns.

“We’ve heard horror stories about the hassles of getting a construction loan and of the rates skyrocketing before closing.”

“I’m not sure I can afford to buy a new home in today’s market.”

Prestige Construction Group has selected a team of lending partners to help make the process of financing your new home virtually seamless. While you are welcome to choose any home builder mortgage lender for your home, trusted lender partnership allows them real-time access to the status of construction, which is important as closing time nears. PCG’s building team leader and the loan officer work together to bring your dream of home ownership to reality as smoothly as possible.

“Closing costs can be so expensive. Where can I go for help?”

When you finance your New Tradition Home through one of our preferred lenders, you will receive $500 towards the loan fees, or closing costs and pre-paids.* This means more money in your pocket to help you move in!

“How long will it take me to move in to my new home?”

We give you a detailed construction schedule, and keep you informed regularly of progress. We usually anticipate move-in approximately 5-6 months after you sign your purchase agreement.

Lending Partners

When you work with the right lending partner, financing your home will be a breeze — so we’ve put together a group of trusted, knowledgeable lenders who we know will provide you with an honest and easy experience. Who says that this part of the process has to be a headache? The professionals listed below make it stress-free.